Touch CMA

Interactive Presentation

TouchCMA is an easy-to-use, interactive CMA presentation tool that you can update on the fly as your conversation with buyers and sellers evolve.

Customizable & Branded

Control your brand and showcase your expertise with color customizations, all your own marketing pages and branding collateral.

Up To Date MLS Data

We sweep the MLS data every 15 minutes to provide you access to the most up-to-date listing information; wherever you are an on whatever devices you’re using.

In-Depth Market Analysis

Showcase your local real estate expertise with in-depth market trends that make it easy to show your clients exactly where their home sits in the market.

Saves You Time

Create buyer, seller & marketing presentations lighting fast, and when your clients’ needs change mid-presentation; making adjustments on the fly is a snap.

Helps You Look Professional

A well-polished interactive presentation goes a long way to helping you stand out against the sea of static PDF presentations. Plus, you’re saving paper and toner costs!